Change of career!

Having read the interesting ideas of Professor Howard Hotson about higher education policy, I realise I could benefit from a change of career.

Howard knows a lot about Early Modern Intellectual History and teaches at Oxford. He isn’t an expert on higher education. Although that hasn’t stopped him giving speeches about how it’s in a global crisis and writing about it for the Guardian.

Following Howard’s exemplary lead, I am going to stop talking about things I know about and shift to something I know nothing about.

I thought early modern intellectual history might do the trick.

Watch out for my forthcoming books and papers on Protestant Europe in this period. I rather fancy a special emphasis on international intellectual developments affecting Germany between 1555 and 1660. I know nothing about it at all.

I think I might supplement this with some stuff on traditions of intellectual innovations connecting late Renaissance humanism to the new philosophies of the 17th century; pretty much head to head with Howard, in fact.

One last thing, Howard. I’m already negotiating a generous advance on my next book on the revival of millenarianism in early modern Europe.


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