Looney academics

Good old Guardian. In a world awash with perplexing change, you can rely on it to deliver the same sanctimonious nonsense.

In what must be one of the silliest pieces of self-serving pleading to appear on higher education policy for some time, a group of mainly B-list academics (there are a couple of stars) have signed up to a rent-seeking analytical critique of the White Paper.

Actually, it isn’t a critique – it’s a long winded moan looking back to a rosy past time when old Labour ruled, the unions held us to ransom, and all was well in the sociology department common-room.

And of course poor people paid taxes so that leather-elbowed profs could lecture about the forthcoming socialist paradise to the children of well-off families in shining modernist palaces on windswept hilltops outside county towns.

Now we have riots and it’s all the fault of too little public funding for universities and for deserving people like us – if you believe the Guardian and these guys.

Lightweight stuff. Life’s too short to dismantle such twaddle. But here’s a few quick messages for its grumpy writers:

(1) The fact that something brings public benefit doesn’t mean that the taxpayer should write an open cheque to fund it.

(2) There is no such thing as a free higher education.

(3) The White Paper is dull, but the response makes it look quite measured and sensible. With enemies like you, Mr Willetts needs no friends.

(4) Your alternative White Paper makes an excellent complement to Ed Miliband’s disastrous conference speech this week.

Lighten up, brothers…


One Response to Looney academics

  1. derfelowen says:

    Great post. It’s nice to know I’m not on my own in thinking that the skies will not fall down on 1 October 2012!

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