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If you’re wondering about whether to hire me as a speaker, you might like to read some comments on my presentation last month at the Inside Government Forum on the Student Experience in London. Shameless self-promotion!

When asked about the best speaker, comments included :

Paul Ramsden from the perspective of questioning the changes taking place and the validity of supporting evidence

Paul Ramsden for blowing a hole in a number of assumptions made in the media and within HEIs. He had a clear perspective of govt policy and how to move forward in this rapidly changing HE landscape

Paul Ramsden because he presented a different perspective on the white paper

Prof Ramsden gave a very lucid analysis of the White Paper

Paul Ramsden generated the most interesting audience discussion of the day

Paul Ramsden – I liked his challenges to the current orthodoxy about the (necessarily) positive impact of competition and choice

Paul Ramsden because he gave an insightful and thought provoking perspective on recent developments in the HE sector.

Paul Ramsden Informative, well considered, relevant, interesting

Paul Ramsden – unbiased, honest and challenging. What a shame that he was tucked away at the end of the agenda

Paul Ramsden for his insightful and challenging presentation into enhancing academic quality. Interesting points made re. the White Paper’s links between contact time and quality

Paul Ramsden. Offered an alternative view, based on obvious experience. Refreshing to see real opinions expressed

Paul Ramsden – pushed the boundaries and made one think outside of the box which for the last session of the day was quite something to achieve!

Paul Ramsden for his political perspective

Paul Ramsden – he reminded us to question what was presented in the Paper. It would have been helpful to have had his session in the morning so that the day could have had a greater debate element to it

Paul Ramsden. A sophisticated and thought provoking presentation

Paul Ramsden – insight and reflection on the White Paper and the sector’s direction of travel

Paul Ramsden was definitely the highlight and it’s a shame it was left to the end and the other topics didn’t revolve/link-in more with his really interesting take on the white paper



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