Tuition fees: the real victims

By our special correspondent

Students Benedict and Charlotte from Surrey, fresh from ‘taking on the police’ and calling ‘off with their heads’ at the Royal Family are reported by the BBC the Guardian to be greatly distressed at the effects of the latest savage cuts to teaching and learning.

Apparently the Coalition Government’s meddling with the Browne recommendations means the public will be faced with debts that could last for several lifetimes. It might even revive the previous Government’s attempts to bankrupt the nation completely.

Many graduates will pay little or nothing for their higher education, being as heavily subsidised by non-graduates as they are now. As a result, better-off students are insisting on superior teaching and three personal IPads apiece because they will be paying so little.

Charlotte, speaking from her family’s Ockham estate, said that she wasn’t looking forward to a future in which poor people’s taxes would not pay upfront for the cost of her student experience. She feared that the servant problem would get worse because of the mounting national debt and that she might have to do the cleaning herself, if she ever grew up.

Benedict would not be drawn on his own vision of disaster, insisting only that ‘Free education is an entitlement not an opportunity’ (is this right? Ed).

The President of the National Union Students did not say ‘This represents another blow to the hard-working rich whose well-off parents have scrimped and saved to provide their offspring with an education. Customers of universities will demand higher standards and will expect the average taxpayer to foot the swelling debt bill, or we will see riots on the streets and… (cont. p94)


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